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Our Story

about us and our background

Our Beginings.

the story so far

Bazzi’s Pizza, serving the best Italian pizza for several decades. 

Our menu is made with only the best ingredients and value in mind. Once you try our delicious selection you will be a customer for life!
We have partnered with local purveyors to acquire the finest quality ingredients and unique, premium toppings. Rooted in tradition, we have perfected the classics and also offer an array of distinctive original pies including our newest creation.
Bazzi’s Pizza is one of a kind in your locality. We are not only concerned with the Authenticity of taste but we also give great care towards nutritious value of our Pizza.

  • Brilliant service
  • Quality pizza
  • Fast delivery
Homemade pizza with mozzarella on dark background

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Inna Karlina
Food Reviewer

Widi Hendri

Executive Chef

The team.


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